Technology Development

Innovations and new technologies are considered to be the key factors in the economic and social development at the beginning of the 3rd millennium. Therefore, the goal of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports is to create the conditions for a quick and successful transformation of scientific results and technological innovations into products competitive on global markets, to foster international technology transfer as well as the development of technology-based small and medium enterprises.

Considering this, the activities of the Directorate for Informatics and Technologies are focused on the implementation of the two basic programs:

  • the establishment of the national network of institutions focused on the development, transfer, application and financing of new technologies
  • the development of the system of the Government measures supporting technological development and innovative entrepreneurship such as various financial, fiscal, administrative and similar benefits and incentive programs.

Within the national technological network the following institutions have been established so far:

  • Business Innovation Centre of Croatia - BICRO Ltd.
  • Croatian Institute of Technology – HIT Ltd.
  • Centre for Karst
  • Technology and Innovation Centre Osijek Ltd.
  • Centre for Innovative Technology Rijeka Ltd.
  • Technology Centre Split
  • Centre for Technology Transfer
  • Research and Development Centre for Mariculture.

In April 1998, within the incentive measures, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the Program for Increasing and Starting Production Based on New Technologies, proposal for which has been made by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

We inform you that on 1. September 2006 the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MSES) completed the acceptance of technology project proposals (the TEST sub-program), within the Croatian Program for Innovative Technological Development (HITRA).

The new Croatian Government Decree as of 12. July 2006 and Guidelines for Fostering Innovative Technological Development as of 17. July 2006 announced the transfer of the TEST program – technology R&D projects from the MSES to the Croatian Institute of Technology (HIT Ltd.).

From 8. October 2006 applications can be filed at the web address of the Croatian Institute of Technology – HIT Ltd.