Franjo Bučar National Sports Award

Franjo Bučar National Sports Award, established in 1991 as a successor of the May Physical Education Award and the Physical Education Award of the Republic of Croatia, is Croatian most esteemed award presented for exceptional achievement in the field of sports and outstanding contribution to its development in the Republic of Croatia.

It is awarded to professional and public workers in the field of sports, sportsmen, legal and physical persons engaged in sports activities, and other legal and physical persons who contributed to the development of sports.

It is presented in the form of a lifetime achievement award, and the annual award. Only two lifetime achievement awards can be presented each year, while there can be as many as twelve annual awards. A person can be presented the award only once. Winning the annual award is a precondition for winning the National Lifetime Achievement Award.

The procedure for awarding the National Award is initiated by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport by inviting applications for awarding the Franjo Bučar National Sports Award. The advertisement is published each year in the middle of September in daily papers and in the Education Bulletin issued by the Ministry, and is open for 30 days from the date of its publication in the daily papers. The competition regulations define the application procedure for sportsmen and other individuals, physical and legal persons and other organizations engaged in sports activities (nominees) as well as the application deadline. The proposal, which is to be elaborated in writing, can come from any of the following: sports associations, sports federations, unions of sports associations and federations, school and student sports clubs, schools, faculties and other legal persons engaged in sports activity with headquarters in the Republic of Croatia, individuals and groups of eminent sportsmen and sports workers, physical education teachers, coaches and other professional sports workers and individuals, citizens of the Republic of Croatia. In the period of 15 days form the date of competition closure the Ministry shall send the Committee proposals for further consideration and deciding on the winners. The Committee shall announce the names of those who won the award and present it at the special ceremony held in November on the anniversary of Franjo Bučar’s birth.

The National Award is presented as a medal with the figure of Franjo Bučar, a special diploma and a financial prize. The medal was made by Kosta Angel Radovani, academic sculptor. There is a portrait of Franjo Bučar on its front side, while on the reverse side there is the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia and the inscription Franjo Bučar, with five Olympic circles below it. Gold-plated medal is awarded to those winning the lifetime achievement award, while annual award winners are presented with a silver-plated one. Diploma is presented in a leather jacket, with the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia impressed on it and the inscription Franjo Bučar National Sports Award, in gold letters. For the lifetime achievement award it also holds the inscription Lifetime Achievement. The text of the diploma corresponds to the type of the award. There is an embossed stamp of the National Award on the diploma, and the signature of the president of the Committee.