Croatian National Educational Standard (CNES)

The orientation of the Croatian and national educational policy towards creating and developing a knowledge-based society is contained in the document titled Education Sector Development Plan for 2005 - 2010, which was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia on June 9, 2005.

The changes have been initiated on all the levels of the educational system. The basic objective of the change is to improve the quality and advance the educational system on all levels.

CNES - school tailored to pupils

The Croatian National Educational Standard has been created as a basis for the changes in the teaching programme and work methods in the elementary school system for the purpose of developing the "school tailored to pupils". The purpose of the CNES is the unburdening of the workload by abandoning redundant educational programmes, introducing modern teaching methods based on research-based classes and individual and group work and applicable knowledge and skills.

Basic facts on the CNES:

  • In the school year of 2005/2006, CNES elements were experimentally introduced in 5% of elementary schools (49 schools) in the Republic of Croatia
  • In the school year of 2006/2007, all elementary schools will start implementing the CNES