The importance of science and technology is crucial for the development of a modern state, its progress and prosperity. Science and technology are in one way or another linked to most human pursuits: intellectual, economic, cultural, ecological, etc. The main goal of science is to create a scientific and technological system which would be one of the key factors of Croatian social and economic development.

The entire system of science and technology should be characterized by flexibility, as the best obstacle to scientific exclusivity, but also short term pragmatism. The balance between basic and applied research and development cannot be defined in advance, nor is it possible to completely determine the scientific, technological or market potential of a project in advance. There is not always a way to identify successfully the commercial potential of a research. It is undisputable that numerous basic research can improve competitive advantages of Croatian economy and Croatian companies.

Scientific research in Croatia is monitored and conducted in six fields of science: natural sciences, technical, biomedical, biotechnical and social sciences, and humanities.

Current state of affairs in individual fields of science is the results of the approach and the environment science and technology were developing within for decades.

The system is currently financed as follows:

  • Through direct project financing with a mechanism of annual monitoring of results
  • Through financing of junior researchers on concrete projects, with multi-year monitoring of their progress (acquiring a master’s and a doctoral degree, and publishing scientific papers)
  • Equipment