The international cooperation of the Republic of Croatia in the field of education, schooling, higher education, science and technology is based upon multilateral international contracts and implementary cooperation programs.

Negotiations with the European Union

Negotiations for the accession to the European Union started at the end of October 2005 by launching an analytical examination (screening) of the negotiation Chapter 25 "Science and Research" and 26 "Education and Culture". It was completed successfully in November 2005 and the Government of the Republic of Croatia accepted negotiation position for the above said Chapters in March and April 2006.

Negotiations referring to Chapter 25 "Science and Research" were opened and closed at the meeting of the EU Ministers held on June 12, 2006 since all the relevant matters had already been solved during the screening. The European Commission evaluated Croatian science and research policy during negotiations and stated the following: it was developing in the same direction as the science and research policy of the European Union while science and research capacities were developed enough to be included in the EU programmes. Negotiations referring to Chapter 26 "Education and Culture" were opened and closed at the meeting of the EU Ministers held on December 11, 2006 since a high degree of harmonisation of the Croatian education system with the education systems of the EU members was established.


Screening report: Chapter 25. Science and Education

Screening report: Chapter 26. Education and Culture