First Croatian General and National Online encyclopaedia – Proleksis Encyclopaedia

April 9, 2009

Free access for pupils, students, teachers and persons with registered Carnet electronic identity -

All the pupils and students attending the institutions joined in the CARNet system, as well as their teachers, professors, junior researchers and other staff members and employees have free access to the first Croatian online encyclopaedia - Proleksis Encyclopaedia.

The online Proleksis Encyclopaedia features more than 62 000 articles with numerous headwords and sub-heawords, which are often structured as articles as well, along with more than 17 000 photographs, pictures, maps etc. The Editorial Board is made up of 9 persons, but the list of collaborators extends to more than 50 editors, collaborators and authors of the encyclopaedia articles. With support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, the collaboration of the Pro Leksis d.o.o. company and CARNet research network has resulted in creating the first Croatian general and national online encyclopaedia – Proleksis encyclopaedia.

The Encyclopaedia can be accessed by using a valid electronic identity within the AAI@EduHr system. The above mentioned electronic identity is a virtual identity within the CARNet network assigned to the individual users of the CARNet member institutions (pupils, teachers, students, professors and employees of the member institutions) which allows them to use CARNet services. This issue of the general and national Encyclopaedia in electronic form represents another big step towards a knowledge-based society.

Online encyclopaedias are no longer a novelty. Even the most relevant encyclopaedias are published both in print and on the Web. Croatian issues of some non-Croatian encyclopaedias are also available. Proleksis encyclopaedia is the first Croatian general and national encyclopaedia written in Croatian that is available online. Its form is classical but its online availability makes it a modern electronic encyclopaedia.

Similar encyclopaedias have already been published on the Web by many other European countries and its peoples, but the topics related to Croatian history and culture were presented inadequately, i.e. lack of professional expertise, marginalisation or under-representation was noticed.

So the online Croatian general and national encyclopaedia should play double role – it should facilitate the process of entering the global online encyclopaedic communication and should open the communication channel to the national level of interest and usage.