Centre for Karst

The Government of the Republic of Croatia established the Centre for Karst by the Decree on Establishing the Centre for Karst (OG No. 92/2005), adopted in the session held on 22. July 2005, as an institualized community of professionals and experts that would, relying on a systematic approach and developmental projects, competently make decisions on the various issues relating to the Croatian karst area and propose programs for its coherent sustainable economic development.

The Centre for Karst, seated in Gospić, entered into the register folio of the Karlovac Commercial Court on 21. 11. 2005, with the registration number of the subject MBS 020037144.

The main activity of the Centre for Karst is organizing and implementing expert tasks, assignments and projects related to the research and development of the Croatian karst area. The scope of operations of the Centre for Karst includes:

  • forming and studying scenarios, economic programs, at the same time accepting sustainable growth as a basis for making decisions relating to the development 
  • making research and economic studies, expert opinions as well as surveys on environment protection and waste recycling
  • creating innovation culture and innovative projects, encouraging the development of small and medium enterprises 
  • observing the environmental system and urban communities and their protection from uncleanliness, the impact of people, industry, traffic and transport 
  • conducting, managing, coordinating projects in the area of research, diagnostics and environmental system protection 
  • creating knowledge and information bases, carrying out research, assessment, development and technology transfer, particularly those:
    a) adjusted to the environmental system sustainable development,
    b) for waste processing and recycling 
  • teaching and knowledge sharing, providing lifetime education, advice and information, organizing meetings 
  • facilitating international expert cooperation, promoting Croatian projects 
  • managing developmental projects supported by national and international tendencies and donations.

Further information on the Centre for Karst can be found at the address:
Centre for Karst
Kaniža bb
53 000 Gospić
Phone: 053/575-649 or at the web address the Centre for Karst.