The role and tasks of the Teachers Council

The Teachers Council has been founded for the purpose of monitoring the experimental implementation of the CNES and encouraging the exchange of experience between the teachers participating in the project. Members of the Council are excellent and experienced teachers who have participated in creating the Croatian National Educational Standard, who understand its philosophy and accept a new teaching paradigm on which it is based. They monitor the work of experimental schools, collect information from the field and make efforts to provide or organize professional assistance for the teachers who need it.

There are many excellent teachers in Croatian schools who have been learning and undergoing professional training during their work. Apart from the faculties of mathematics, many of them finished various forms of additional training. Quality changes in the Croatian schooling system would not be possible without their knowledge and efforts.

It is the Teachers Council’s task to identify individuals who stand out in their work and recommend their methodologically shaped experience that has been photo-documented with examples of good practice to other teachers. By collecting information on the difficulties that school collectives of experimental schools are faced with, members of the Teachers Council have become familiar with educational needs of the teachers and are participating in the planning and enforcing of professional training.

Significant assistance is expected from them in the process of incorporating the CNES into the entire Croatian schooling system in the next school year.

Lucija Puljak, MSc