The international cooperation of the Republic of Croatia in the field of education, schooling, higher education, science and technology is based upon multilateral international contracts and implementary cooperation programs.

CARDS 2001 - Vocational Education and Training (VET) - 600.000 €

(the project is administered by the Institute of Education, to be completed in December 2004)

The purpose of the project was to support the institutional development for a decentralised, modern, flexible and high-quality management of the system of vocational education and training, and to introduce lifelong learning principles in the design of education policy. The specific aims of the project were to develop VET institutions and policies (“Green Paper”); to reform VET standards and curriculum; to train VET teachers and school managers; to design an education management information system.

Institute for Education Department for Vocational Education and Training
Ilica 24
10000 ZAGREB

Efka Heder, Deputy Director