The international cooperation of the Republic of Croatia in the field of education, schooling, higher education, science and technology is based upon multilateral international contracts and implementary cooperation programs.


The Tempus programme provides EC assistance for institutional, legal and administrative reform through transfer of know-how and training, and contribution to a greater understanding of different cultures. The Tempus programme’s complementarity with the broader transition context is assured through the overall priorities and objectives established by the CARDS programme and set out in the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

Tempus has assisted the process of social and economic development in Croatia in terms of reforming Croatian higher education system and enabling co-operation with institutions from Member States of the European Community. The main objective of the Tempus programme is to facilitate and support the integration of the Croatian HE system into the European Higher Education Area. Activities supported by the Tempus programme are in line with the Bologna Process and the implementation of the Bologna principles. Moreover, the Tempus programme is used as a tool for the implementation of the 2003 Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act, the legal framework for the overall reform of the higher education system in Croatia, its harmonisation with EU standards and the integration of universities.

TEMPUS programme in Croatia has contributed to the curriculum development, reform of university governance, management and finance and to the development of integrated universities institutions that are responsible for managing their total budget and providing the necessary human resources and central services.


National Tempus Office (NTO) regularly organizes TEMPUS info days. Next TEMPUS INFO day will take place on October 21, 2005 as a videoconference available at eight cities in Croatia. Representatives from the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) will present TEMPUS strategy and ETF (European Training Foundation) representatives will explain all practical issues, give information about application procedure and development of the projects. Academic community in Croatia will be encouraged to prepare their project proposals with their EU and regional partners. The deadline for application is 15 December 2005.