Apartments for junior researchers and associates

Pursuant to a Decision of the Governmental Committee for Managing the Assets of the Republic of Croatia, Class: 602-11/00-3/00, Reg. no: 50420-00 dated July 18, 2000, applications were invited for leasing the apartments in Borovje , Zagreb to junior researches and assistant lecturers.

Based on the above mentioned applications 122 apartments were leased in Borovje. A certain number of apartments is always empty, and those are being leased.

Currently the apartments are being leased to applicants who applied in November 2003.

Since a certain number of tenants took out apartment loans awarded by the University of Zagreb, they will be moving out from the Borovje apartments in the course of the year. Thus there is a possibility of inviting applications for leasing the apartments in Borovje in June 2004.