Faust Vrančić National Award for Technical Culture

The Technical Culture Act established national award for technical culture Faust Vrančić. Since 1992 it has been awarded to individuals, associations and other legal persons for outstanding achievement in technical culture. Each year one award is presented for lifetime achievement, up to ten annual awards are presented to individuals and up to five are presented to technical culture associations, companies and other legal persons. The Rules for awarding the national award for technical culture were published in the Official Gazette no. 1/1994.

Faust Vrančić Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to esteemed individuals for their longstanding contribution and work in the development of technical culture, extraordinary results of lasting value in the enhancement and development of scientific and technical literacy, as well as development of technology and technical innovation in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. In addition to that, the basis for winning the award are the person’s technical culture activities in a longer time period, during his/her professional career or voluntary participation in associations of technical culture, and public recognition and acknowledgement of his/her contribution.

Faust Vrančić Annual Award is presented to individuals, groups of individuals, associations of technical culture, companies, institutions and other legal persons for:

  • outstanding contribution in the development and enhancement of technical education of Croatian citizens, especially youth, in extracurricular activities in technical, natural and other sciences which develop capabilities, knowledge and skills for scientific and technical innovation and creativity at work, and result in scientific and technical literacy, developing competencies for, and directing youth toward choosing a scientific or technical profession; 
  • development and enhancement of innovation, scientific and technical creative endeavors and technical amateurism in the Republic of Croatia;
  • outstanding achievement in technical-cultural and technical-sports as well as other fields of technical culture in the Republic of Croatia;
  • dissemination of scientific and technical achievements with a significant contribution to scientific and technical literacy of our citizens regarding the application of scientific and technical and technological achievements in promoting technological development of the economy, science and generally, popularization and promotion of science and technology, and development of the inclination toward technical creative endeavors in the Republic of Croatia;
  • outstanding contribution to international promotion of Croatian technical culture and achievements.

The award is presented by the Faustr Vrančić Award Committee which initiated the award procedure by calling for proposals. The call is published every year, by November 30 at the latest, and is open for 30 days. If necessary the Committee may prolong the deadline, however for 15 days at the most. Basic criteria that need to be met, proposal procedure and the deadline for their submission are published in the call. The text of the call is published in the daily papers.

To date (with 2003 award winners) the award has been given to 91 individuals and 40 associations, schools and other legal persons. Lifetime achievement award was presented to Marijan Grgoković, Božidar Tomičić, Đuro Griesbach, Vladimir Muljević, Branko Kralj, Branimir Makanec, Mladen Grčević, Boris Josip Malinar, Ante Markotić, Borko Boranić, Hrvoje Mazija and Želimir Matutinović.