A preparatory meeting on CEDEFOP project "Thematic Country Review on Apprenticeship" was held in the Ministry of Science and Education

December 15, 2016

The Ministry of Science and Education participates in the review of the apprenticeship in the Republic of Croatia within the project "Thematic Review on Country Apprenticeship" run by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) under which CEDEFOP monitors the progress of the EU member states in the development of priorities for vocational education and training, which are defined in Riga conclusions (2015) for the period 2015-2020.

Project implementation starts in 2016 and its duration is 18 months. The aim of the project is to help national stakeholders identify existing problems and specific solutions in order to overcome challenges and achieve goals in the area of apprenticeship.

The role of CEDEFOP is advising and supporting in accordance with the identified needs of the country. CEDEFOP is also the moderator and thus provides opportunities for representatives of various interest groups to debate, exchange experiences and opinions and, if possible, to reach agreement on the level of the Steering Group. The Steering Group, in cooperation with CEDEFOP, operates with the research activities, and it includes the representatives of the key stakeholders in the field of VET and apprenticeship in the country participating in the project (e.g. policy makers from education and employment sides, or other sides involved in apprenticeship, social partners, institutes of education and training). As such, the Steering Group members are actively involved in all project activities, in close collaboration with CEDEFOP, also to identify the priority areas for the review and facilitate the delivery of the results. The Member State, through the Steering Group, identifies, sets and adjusts priorities, revises and validates the findings in all phases of the project.

The main objectives of the review are as follows:

 a) at national level, in close cooperation with Cedefop and the national stakeholders, to carry out in-depth review of the apprenticeship in the country to identify their specific strengths and challenges and present a set of the policy recommendations for ensuring quality apprenticeships;
 b) at the European level, to increase the evidence base which can support policy- and decision-makers in the European countries at a different levels in designing and implementing policies and measures for developing and/or improving quality apprenticeships; and also to support comparison across countries.

A preparatory meeting of the Project was held on 2 December 2016 in the Ministry of Science and Education. The meeting was attended by the representatives of CEDEFOP, Irina Jemeljanova and Jelena Letica, the representatives of the Ministry of Science and Education and the representatives of the key stakeholders in the system of VET and apprenticeship in the Republic of Croatia.

At the meeting was presented the system of VET in the Republic of Croatia and its specifics. The representative of the Agency for VET and Adult Education, which has an important role in the VET, presented the conduction of the apprenticeship examination and the projects on apprenticeship.  The representative of the Croatian Employment Service presented the process of the career guidance and ALMP schemes for the apprenticeship. The representative of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts presented the role of the Chamber in the apprenticeship and the project named Get Involved in EP4A: European Partnerships for Apprenticeships, which is currently in the implementation.

The representative of CEDEFOP, Irina Jemeljanova, presented the project "Thematic Country Review on Apprenticeship" and its methodology, referring to the experience of other countries that undertook the review. Participants actively participated in the discussion which put emphasis on the specific challenges of the public policies crucial for the Project. Participants also expressed their expectations about the results of the Project.

This preparatory meeting is the first in the series of the activities which will be implemented under the project "Thematic Country Review on Apprenticeship".